Why Serve?

By Ellie Boyd - Guest Writer

Do you feel like you can’t make a difference, or just don’t know how? You are not alone!

We all want to feel like we contribute something to this world. With this in mind, we encourage you to check out week 5 of our “Habits” series. Here we discuss the value of developing the habit of personal ministry.

Not only does Orchard Church want you to feel loved and accepted, but we also want you to feel needed. You offer something valuable that no one else can give. You have God-given talents and giftings, and a God-given need to be a part of a community. Joining a serving team hits both of those!

To form the habit of personal ministry, we encourage you to join a serving team.

This isn’t about what God, or the church, wants FROM you - but what God, and the church, wants FOR you.

We know the value and fulfillment that having the habit of personal ministry brings. These habits don’t form themselves (wouldn't that be great?!). We want to help you cultivate the habit of personal ministry, and the fulfillment you get from it, into a lifestyle pattern.

Our serving teams are a great way to get into a consistent routine of helping others alongside a group of individuals with the same goal. No matter what skills you have, there is a space for you! We encourage you to check out serving opportunities and act on your desire for personal ministry and growth!

You can watch Week 5 of "Habits" here!

Orchard Church - Habits Week 5

Then - you can put this habit into action by Joining a Serving Team here at Orchard Church!

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