A New & Better Way to Invite Someone to Church

By Ryan Dickinson

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and WISHED you had a church invite card on you, but you didn't? 🙁

Well - we have a solution for you!

Never miss an opportunity to help someone find and follow Jesus again!

Introducing the Orchard Church digital invite card - a simple way to add Orchard Church as a contact on your smartphone, and then easily share that contact with anyone you invite to church.

Because, after all, we ALWAYS have our phones with us, right?!

What is it?

The Orchard Church digital invite card is easily imported into your phone as a contact.

But, it's SO MUCH BETTER than a standard contact or paper invite card! The Orchard Church digital invite card contains links to:

It also contains the church's address integrated with their phone's maps app (so directions are a breeze), the church's phone number and email address (for any questions), and a note that gives them the service times and let's them know that Nobody's Perfect, Everyone's Welcome, and Anything's Possible.

So - whoever you are talking to can easily explore what Orchard Church is all about. It's so much more effective than a paper invite card!

Once you import it, you can easily share it with others, just like any other contact, and never miss an opportunity to help someone find and follow Jesus again!

How do you install it on your phone?

1. From your smartphone, download the Orchard Church  digital invite card here

2. Once it's downloaded, open the orchard_brighton_invite.vcf file.

3. Depending on your phone, you may see a preview and be asked if you want to import Orchard Church as a contact. Here's an example:

import contact

4. Give approval for your phone to import / add the contact

5. You should then be able to find Orchard Church in your phone's contact list.

6. We suggest you mark Orchard Church's contact as a "favorite", so it shows up on the top of your contact list for easy access!

How do you share it with others?

JUST LIKE you would share any contact info with another phone!

1. From Orchard Church's contact in your phone, just click "Share" and choose to share the contact file with whoever you are talking with. This could be text, airdrop, email, QR code...depending on your phone!

2. Once the other person imports the file, then Orchard Church's digital invite card  imports the same contact information into their phone - now they can access it at any time AND share it with others in the same way!

This is a great tool to help you as you live on mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.

Give it a shot and never be left wanting for a paper invite card again!


Orchard Church serves Brighton, Commerce City, Thornton and the entire northeast Denver Colorado metro area. 

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