God With Us

By Doug Dameron

Christmas looks different this year, doesn’t it?

Many of the things we are used to, like big gatherings, traveling to see loved ones, even how we buy gifts are different this Christmas. For some of us, it’s easy to get discouraged at lost opportunities to celebrate the way we are accustomed to.

But do you know who is EXACTLY the same? Jesus.

Because of Jesus, Christmas is always special. God could have shouted His love from heaven. Instead, he sent His son to Earth to be “God With Us.” That is the message of Christmas. We celebrate that Jesus is still “God With Us”, even in 2020.

Jesus being “God With Us” is easy to understand when we are on the mountain tops of life. It’s easy to feel God with you in those high places where things are going great.

But for most of us, 2020 hasn’t been a mountain top type of year. Instead, there are storms, valleys and what seems like endless waiting. It’s harder to feel like God is with us in those trials. But whether we are on a mountain top or in a valley of life, God is still God. His purposes are greater, and often our relationship with Him can grow stronger in the trials we encounter between mountain tops.

It was my pleasure to present our recent series, “God With Us”. In this series, we outlined 3 of the low places in life where we can always know God is with us.

Episode 1: With us in the storm (click here to watch)

Life is full of storms. These storms can be physical, spiritual and emotional in nature. These storms can even be brought on by our own mistakes. But, faith in Jesus lets us not only endure the storm, but emerge on the other side stronger and more able to accomplish the purpose that God has for us.


Episode 2: With us in the valley (click here to watch)

Spiritual journeys have valleys. These valleys can be dry, difficult places that we would not choose. But, we will go through them. Trusting God can make the valley fruitful as we move toward the mountain top.


Episode 3: With us in the waiting (watch live on Dec 20 @

It feels like someone pressed “pause” on many of our plans for 2020, doesn’t it? In this episode, we will see that with God, a waiting season is never a wasted season. He can bring life to even the most hopeless situation if we will wait on him.


God is with us even in the storms, in the valleys and in the waiting. I hope you enjoy this series, and that God speaks to you through it as much as he has to me. Jesus is ALWAYS “God With Us”.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


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