Devil Kicking Marriage

By Doug Dameron

Maybe you had some relationship goals for your marriage that you have abandoned.

Maybe you are even looking for a way out - researching divorce attorneys, confiding in friends & family that you don't want to be married anymore. You're worried about how it will affect your kids, your friends, and yourself.

Maybe you and your spouse went about the relationship all wrong and you aren't anywhere close to where you want to be.

Maybe our enemy is having his way with your marriage right now. You are in a battle with a spiritual enemy. That spiritual enemy is here to steal, kill and destroy you and your marriage if you'll let him.

But, there is still hope for our marriage when we turn toward God - here's our message "Devil Kicking":


This message was originally filmed in front of a studio audience at Orchard Church in Brighton, CO on November 15, 2020 when in-person services were restricted by COVID related executive orders. In-person services are now open!

We ALL have battles. Jesus is FOR you. He isn't disappointed in you. Satan, our spiritual enemy wants to bring shame, fear and hurt. Jesus offers grace, healing and unconditional love. If you are fighting for your marriage in Brighton CO or the northeast Denver metro area, give Orchard Church a try.


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