Merry Christmas, From Our Home to Yours

By Doug Dameron

2020 sure has went differently than any of us had planned. But, no matter what life brings, we can always be thankful that God is with us! 

My prayer for all of us this Christmas is that the love of Jesus would be more evident than ever in each of our lives. That love is available to all of us, no matter what we are going through.

This year, even church has looked different. At Orchard Church, we are used to big gatherings, full of smiling faces, to celebrate the birth of Jesus each Christmas. Because of COVID-19, that's not how it went this year.

And, I will admit, that was hard for me as a Pastor.

But, I know the love of Jesus never changes. And, I know that His love is not limited by anything, even a global pandemic.

As we moved forward with our plan to make this year's Christmas services an online experience, I began to see the love of Jesus come through in a major way. Even through a screen, the love of Jesus - the spirit of Christmas - is something we can all share.

We will gather together again, in person, beginning January 9-10. Until then, I invite you to watch our online Christmas experience.  Merry Christmas from our home to yours!